Strata Welding Alloys


Strata Welding Alloys


Strata Welding Alloys delivers real and tangible cost savings to keep industry moving. The experts in maintenance and repair welding, we have the products and the expertise to assist in any seemingly impossible scenario that can negatively impact your business.

At Strata we stand behind our products 100%, and strive to provide you our customer with peace of mind assurance that the product supplied will be more than up to the task required.

Strata Welding Alloys


Strata are the maintenance and repair “welding experts”. We have been manufacturing and supplying quality products to industry for over 30 years, and are the preferred brand for industry professionals wanting to reduce downtime, and maximize up-time.

Industry has accepted that the diligent use of Strata welding consumables brings with it considerable long term cost savings, and enhances the productive time of any business.


Strata Welding Alloys

Industry today realizes that the high cost of tooling and down time reflects on its ability to meet the challenge of reducing costs. 

Lower operating costs are key objectives of any industry. Therefore, in order to compete successfully in the modern era, it is necessary to use the latest technologies and methods available to minimize downtime and maximize production time. The loss of production from unexpected break downs will surely test the efficiency of even the most efficient maintenance departments. The use of Strata Welding consumables is guaranteed to minimize such downtime due to their ease of use, and high quality of manufacture.

We are sure you will agree with us when we say that plant maintenance is a most demanding and sometimes exasperating occupation. With the correct use of Strata welding and brazing alloys, we can ensure your business can stay on track now and into the future.

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