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Strata Welding Alloys are here to offer you the customer real cost savings and reduced down time by providing excellence in welding consumables and equipment. At Strata we are all about keeping you and your company productive. Our aim is to provide the very best quality welding materials available in the shortest time-frame possible.

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WHY USE STRATA  (Maintenance and repair)

When welding, especially production type welding - The most common scenario is that the composition of base metal to be welded is known. Nine times out of ten the material would be clean, and free of contaminants such as rust, oil or grease. Therefore an experienced welder, supplier or engineer is able to select the appropriate welding electrode or welding wire most suitable for the job / task in hand. The welding would usually be carried out in a properly designed and equipped welding shop or fabrication facility.

Also, and just as importantly because the base metal composition is known, the exact welding procedure can be set accordingly. Factors such as pre heating, post heating, correct welding run sequences are set, documented and followed. Thus producing welded joints that meet or exceed the required standard for that particular project.Last but not least, the worker would most likely be an experienced welder fully conversant with welding techniques equipment and methods. Also usually involved in the same welding process on a daily basis producing consistent welds with consistent type metals.

This is a very, very different situation to maintenance and repair type welding. Unlike the production welder who welds within prescribed limits, set specifications and with known materials - The maintenance and repair welder must, as a rule, be able to confidently weld, braze, or solder a variety of materials of unknown composition.Usually using a variety of equipment. Gas brazing copper pipe, arc welding cast iron, or hard facing ripper teeth on earth moving equipment for example all in a single day. Of course never or very rarely on clean and corrosion free metals either! What's more, the welder would often not be a trained welder, but maybe a farmer, handy man, or general maintenance engineer etc.This is where STRATA come in.

Our welding and brazing consumables are specifically designed with the maintenance and repair industry.in mind. STRATA welding consumables are none hydroscopic so do not decompose / degenerate with age, do not need to be kept in a warm and dry environment, and are unbelievably easy to use for a person who is an occasional welder with a limited welding skill set. But still require the end results of an expert welder..

In summary then, Production welding is:-

  • Executed under optimum welding conditions
  • Carried out by trained and experienced staff
  • Conducted in a controlled environment to a prescribed or set specification standard with full knowledge and experience‚Äč

Maintenance and Repair welding is:

  • Expected to cope with unknown metals
  • Metals that are old, dirty, greasy and corroded
  • Difficult to access with welding equipment
  • Staff may be inexperienced welders
  • Repairs usually made in difficult and dirty environment
  • Often repairs need to be made in as shortest time possible and in situ without dis-assembly of plant and equipment to limit primary production down time

The Strata Difference is:

  • Only premium products with special characteristics designed specifically for the maintenance and repair industry
  • Alloys are manufactured from the highest quality raw materials with the best possible physical properties
  • Products are made to unique STRATA specifications which are the most advanced available anywhere in the world
  • Fully committed to minimising down time, ensuring the customers core business is not compromised
  • User friendly products producing professional results

At STRATA, we have the solution to any maintenance and repair issues and we welcome your inquiry today.‚Äč